Home Business Roller Coaster….A New Thought Process

Home Business Roller Coaster….A New Thought Process

When you are building a home buisness you want to stay away from the Merry Go Round…

That is when you just go around in circles…

Month in and month out…

Year in and year out.

No growth…no change…

Just loops…

Revolution…not EVOLUTION.

And yet the Merry Go Round is where most people feel comfortable.

It’s soothing…

Nice music….very predictable.

Nothing to be scared of.


But if you really want to make money then the ROLLER COASTER is where it’s at!

When you ride a roller coaster you leave the gate and you
begin a SLOW AND SCARY climb.

There is tension during the climb.

You are not sure what to expect during the climb.

Everything seems in slow motion during the climb.

But then…after what seems FOREVER….you get to the top…

And you go into FAST MOTION…

And you scream with delight.

It’s even more exciting than you ever expected.

You are making money…you are going fast…


And then you go through some twists and bends..

At times you even go UPSIDE down…

And then you hit the next climb.

You’ve been there before but this one seems scarier.

You are striving to go to the next level…

You need to learn knew skills…

Build a new consciousness…

It feels like its taking forever.

All the people who taught you are down on the ground….

Waving….cheering you on…

As you tick higher and higher up the home business

And then it happens….


You go flying and its magical and then before
you know if you pull back into the station and decide if
you want to ride again!

The beauty of roller coasters is that when you get to the
bottom of the hill there is always no where to go but UP.

Another thrill in front of you…

Another bigger coaster to jump on or you can chill where
you are and keep those residuals going.

And ya…once you get to that point is is super to
jump on that nice Merry Go Round cause going in circles
when you are making big bucks is a VERY NICE THING!

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